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📝 About moderation 

At mapnow, we want to empower YOU to explore and contribute safely!

What happens to the posts I report?

👉 All reported contributions get reviewed by our moderators, who decide on them based on our community guidelines.

👉 A contribution being reported at least 2 times, will be removed from the community until it's reviewed by our moderators.

👉 If a contribution gets blocked, the creator will be tagged and might be banned from the community.

What about the users who created the abusive posts?

👉 If a user has created at least 5 blocked contributions, the creator will be banned from the community.

👉 An admin will look at each case and decide individually.

Our admins

👉 Our admins decide whether and for how long a user gets banned.

👉 They decide between three basic options: put on probation (user will get reviewed again after some days), temporary ban or permanent ban.

👉 Decision and duration of ban will depend on the severity of the abuse, the amount of rule violations and past offenses.

What if there was a mistake?

👉 We are all only human so mistakes can happen. If you feel like we screwed up in your case, best contact our support via the app using the "Contact us" access in the settings, so we can investigate what went wrong and make sure this never happens again!

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