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About mapnow

mapnow is a real-time community-based application where you can explore the world as it happens. Capture and upload pictures and videos of your surroundings on the world map. Interact with content from other mappers.

👉 mapnow is 100% anonymous so you can freely share your experiences without any fear of judgement.

Our story.

mapnow was born from a desire to see real-time, unedited views of locations while traveling. Frustrated by the lack of recent and accurate content, we envisioned a platform where users could anonymously collaborate and share their authentic perspectives. 

We firmly believe that the focus should be on the content itself, rather than the content creator. That's why we designed mapnow to empower users to collaborate anonymously, allowing them to freely share their experiences without fear of judgment.

Through mapnow, we want to build a global community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of authentic moments. By leveraging real-time contributions from users across the globe, we want to create an ever-growing library of genuine content that captures the true essence of each location.

Our team.

Our team is made up of passionate globetrotters who share a deep love for travel and exploration. We have lived in various corners of the world, from the vibrant landscapes of South America to the rich cultures of Asia and the historic cities of Europe. Our diverse experiences have shaped our understanding of different regions and ignited our commitment to creating an app that truly captures the essence of global travel 🌍

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Brand Manager

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Head of marketing






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