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"The Green Journey": Embarking on the First Climate Positive World Tour

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce The Green Journey, an awesome blog couple on a mission to make the world a better place! 🌿

The Green Journey

Their passion for travel, sustainability, and climate positivity has inspired us, and we are excited to share their incredible journey with you.

During an exclusive interview, The Green Journey candidly answered our questions about their experiences, challenges, and hopes for their ambitious world tour. 🌏🚀

Follow their adventure as they document their climate positive world tour, leaving positive footprints everywhere they go. 🌱👣

Discover the full interview with right below (happy reading!) 🎉

"Hello guys! So happy to have you here today. Let's get straight to the point for our readers: What is The Green Journey and what is your mission?"

The Green Journey is a climate storytelling non-profit organization. We are traveling the world in a low-carbon way to meet with climate warriors and share stories of real climate action and radical hope.

Polo from The Green Journey

We have a dual mission:

  1. Complete a climate positive world tour over the next 3+ years, a first-of-its kind voyage to see the world through low carbon, slow travel.

  2. Create and share stories of climate hope, meeting with climate warriors and highlighting the concrete solutions they are working on to solve the climate & nature crisis.

"What made you decide to go on this adventure?"

The Green Journey started with the acknowledgement of a double problem, and our attempt at solving them.

First, given the climate imperative of our century, our relationship to travel has to change. We want to reinvent our collective imaginaries, and prove that adventure does not have to rely on carbon heavy forms of transportation. We want low carbon slow travel to become more sexy than boarding a plane for a week in Bali.

Second, when it comes to the climate crisis, bad news are everywhere. They create fear for the future, and fear prevents us from acting. But we believe people want to be presented with concrete solutions they can implement in their communities to act in a systemic way, beyond their individual scale.

We are in urgent need for radical hope, and we want to provide that hope and turn it into action.

"What do you mean by low-carbon world tour?"

Megan from The Green Journey
  • We move using low-carbon transportation: We use forms of transportation that are human-powered (e.g., biking, walking), nature-powered (e.g., sailing), shared with others (e.g., rideshare, train) or not reliant on fossil fuels. We therefore exclude using flights or individual gas-powered cars.

  • We eat locally and low on the food chain: We prioritize consuming locally sourced, plant-based foods to minimize the carbon emissions associated with transportation and the production of animal-based products.

  • We conserve resources and minimize waste: We use and carry limited and long-lasting items. We strive to minimize waste by using less in the first place, and recycling whenever possible.

"What are you concretely going to do over the next 3+ years?"

Our goal is to travel to “climate hotspots” on all continents, which are the places most important in the climate & nature crisis. To move around, we are sailing across oceans, connecting cities by bus, crossing continents with trains, hitchhiking and biking a lot.

We plan to spend 6-12+ months in each continent.

In each “climate hotspot”, we are meeting with climate & nature warriors: entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, community leaders, policy makers and more to highlight the concrete solutions they are working on and the successes they’ve had.

We then turn their success stories into different forms of content we share with our audience through our website, newsletter and social media. With these stories you can expect no doomsday scenario to increase your eco-anxiety; only positive news to prove that concrete solutions are already working and that people are on the ground trying to solve the crisis. Hopefully, it will make you want to get involved too!

"Simple question: Who are you?"

Before starting The Green Journey, Megan worked for 4+ years with climate tech startups and graduated from the University of Virginia. Polo also worked for 4+ years in sustainability & ESG strategy, and graduated from UC Berkeley and Sciences Po.

We were joined by a 3rd co-founder and Tech Lead, Antoine. He has 6+ years of experience in website development & software engineering.

"Where can we follow your adventure?"

You can join the adventure on Instagram, Facebook, our website and also in real-time on mapnow!

Follow the Green Journey on mapnow


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