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Uncovering Paris' Street Art with Live Location Sharing (part2)

Here's the Part 2 of our Paris' Street Art Tour! If you missed Part 1, don't worry: Click Here and come back right after finishing it!

Join us as we unveil the secrets of Paris' street art scene with the power of live location sharing.

Butte aux Cailles, Paris, France, mapnow
Butte aux Cailles, Paris, France
  • Butte-aux-Cailles: Known for its bohemian atmosphere, Butte-aux-Cailles offers a treasure trove of street art, including colorful murals and thought-provoking stencil work.

  • Belleville Street Art Trail: Embark on the Belleville Street Art Trail, a self-guided tour that takes you through the neighborhood's best street art spots, showcasing the works of renowned artists.

Street art in Montmartre, Paris, mapnow
Street art in Montmartre, Paris
  • Montmartre: While Montmartre is famous for its artistic history, it also offers a blend of traditional and contemporary street art. Explore the backstreets and alleyways to uncover hidden gems.

  • 13th Arrondissement: This district is known for its impressive open-air street art gallery. Wander through the streets and witness large-scale murals and artistic interventions.

  • La Villette: Visit Parc de la Villette, where you'll find an array of creative urban art installations and sculptures that enhance the park's vibrant atmosphere.

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